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What is VFX Showrunner™?

Showrunner™ is the Ultimate Visual Effects Project Management Tool.

• From your project's inception to its completion, Showrunner™ is your powerful partner to ensure that your VFX production proceeds smoothly.

• Imagine having complete information about the status of your show at your fingertips anytime and anywhere!

• Showrunner™ is many tools in one. Every member of your team whether they're a Supervisor, Producer, Artist, Coordinator or Editor will find Showrunner™ to be an indispensable tool that simplifies their job.

Your life just got a lot easier...

With Showrunner™ you can:

1. Track every detail and phase of every shot !

2. Budget your project and track your expenses

3. Collect and organize editorial and lineup data

4. Schedule your production

5. Organize film and tape library info

6. Track the progress of CG models and miniatures

7. Calculate footage counts and automatically add handles in virtually ANY film or tape format. WOW!

8. Create and print Line-up Sheets to easily communicate shot specifics to your artists.

9. Communicate shot notes between VFX and production.

10. Securely manage and exchange shot info between multiple vendors. WOW!

11. Manage all Shipping and Receiving so you always know where that negative or firewire drive is.

12. Sort, Sort, Sort! You can sort and analyze information about every aspect of your show. Sort shots according to their type or status, check to see how many finals you have, or how many shots need color correction. Whatever information you want to track, Showrunner™ has a place to find it.

13. Print out Approval Sheets, Change Orders, Shipping Receipts, Line-up Sheets, Budgets, Schedules, Progress Reports

All this and more for only $199!

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Download Showrunner™ Now!...

To Download Showrunner Pro click
here. Once you receive the email with the download link you can download Showrunner Pro. It has a ten day trial period during which Showrunner Pro is fully functional. After your payment is received you will receive a second email with your personal registration code which will permanently unlock the program so that it can be used beyond the ten day trial.
Upgrade Policy: The price for Showrunner 5.0 is $199 for every user whether you have purchased previously or not. But you have a ten-day fully functional free trial to determine whether Showrunner Pro is worth your hard-earned cash. What have you got to lose?